Friday, April 30, 2010

The Magic Wood

The little girl lives in the wood around the bend,
She was lonely with only storybooks as friends.
Her favorites were tales of unicorns and elves.
Though many others filled her bookshelves.

One day the little girl wandered deep in the woods,
Her imagination grew with each step of her foot.
Suddenly she found herself lost and afraid
And tears filled her eyes as the sun went away.

As the big, tall trees surrounded the little girl,
Darkness set in and she felt she was in a different world.
She heard all kinds of sounds in the night,
And even saw a troll's outline in the moonlight.

Splendid elf of the misty wood,
Light the way for the little girl so afraid.
Brighten the path she must follow
So she may find a one-horned friend in the hollow.

Majestic unicorn divine and white,
Let the little girl tame your regal might..
Carry her to the one who twinkles like starlight,
And finds the way to her worried mother's sight.

Mischievous fairy of magical flight
Guide the little girl lost through the night.
Sprinkle her with your soothing dust,
And calm her awesome fright you must.

Enchanting mermaid with long, flowing hair,
Warn her when the water's near.
Sing your song of ocean dreams
Until she reaches her house upstream.

The little girl is finally home.
She's in her mother's arms where she belongs.
Her mother wonders how she found her way,
The little girl smiles and looks away.

She bravely looks at the woods with a grin,
Thinking she'll never be lost or lonely again.
She watches four figures fading into the wood,
Knowing in her heart true friendship is good.

As the above poem is a curious little girl's amazing adventure in the woods ending in the discovery of a wonderful friendship, this blog will express the adventures, ideas and information of a mischievous, yet good-hearted elf making discoveries of her own. Enjoy!