Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elvenbreath Faeries

I was able to spend a good amount of time with my sissy Darri today in Second Life for a change, and it was so much fun. We always try to take some pictures together when we're both on since that seems to be a rare occasion. She had the great idea to find an outfit that was the same or similar for the pictures, so off we ventured to Elvenbreath, one of the best fantasy clothing shops around! We ended up here because earlier she had come in game when I was already on and happened to be shopping in the store. I teleported her there and then we ended up both getting off for a bit, but when we went back on, we were already in the store, so just stayed and found the two beautiful faerie sets there :) They're called Fairy Cherry and Narcissy (comes with ballet flats) and both sets have a gorgeous set of flexiwings that actually "glow". Selina Forder, the store owner/designer, is so talented and truly creates quality plus originality. Here is the url to Elvenbreath:


Natalie's outfit: Fairy Cherry by Selina Forder of Elvenbreath
Skin: Layla in Light HB 8 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Hair: Riley in Swedish by Truth
Elf Ears: Animalistic ~Burdies and Gems by Aikea Rieko of The Plastik
Shoes: Flair Flats in Candy/White by Elika Tiramasu of Elikatira

Darri's outfit: Narcissy by Selina Forder of Elvenbreath
Skin: Ninni in Cacoa Tan by Al Vulo
Hair: Lucia in Copper by Truth

Location: Enchanted of Elven Realm

I have found a special place
And magic there abounds
Gardens filled with colors bright
Enchanting fairy sounds

The magic here entwines our hearts
With diamond dust and gold

And the friendships made
Whilst fairies played
grow neither dull nor old

Here the best of friends are made
So many I hold dear
Always there to lend a hand
And sprinkle fairy cheer.

Poem by Dawn Strother-Litchfield

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glam Affair Skin Addiction: Focus on Layla

Layla Skin in L HB 8

Yes, I did it again! I purchased the latest skin by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair. It's gorgeous and in this blog I've pictured my favorite makeups, all in Natural. The skin comes in 15 different makeups for both light and darker brows, plus, it also comes with 4 different brow shapes. Along with these choices, an entire optional makeup line has been created. It includes 40 lipstick shades plus a variety of other makeup offerings. Right now there is a Layla Photo Contest going on and here are the specifics:

Layla Photo Contest


-Glam Affair- is giving everybody the chance to become 'the face' for Layla!

This contest will have two winners, their works will be displayed on both sides of -Glam Affair- Layla skin vendor and will receive a prize of 5000L$ cash.

The rules:

1) The picture must be a face close-up of you avatar wearing Layla;
2) Two pictures per participant are allowed;
3) The model and the author of the picture must be the same person;
4) No special editions of the dressing room Layla skin are allowed.

Please submit your VERTICAL picture in this group (minimum size1500h x 900w pixel).
The contest begins on May 22th, 2011 and ends on June 5th, 2011.


I am wearing Glass Chunk earrings and necklace by Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things and Hairs by Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair (Eden) and Truth Hawks of Truth (Orchid)

Layla Skin in D HB 11

Layla Skin in L HB 8

Layla Skin in D HB 12

Layla Skin in D HB 13

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Release: Falln Elf Ears

Penya elf ear in Tan

Azriel Demain of Falln Creations just released a new, wonderful set of elf ears of all varieties, eight different styles all together. Perfect for whatever type of fantasy creature you may be! Each set costs only 350L and comes with a touch menu of 9 different shades to match your skin tone. I purchased two styles myself and they fit over the avie's ear well and can be adjusted easily. Below I've pictured the two I purchased plus the ad boards put out by Falln showing each elf ear style. These are truly good quality and great all around elf ears to fit all your fantasy needs :)

Elf Ears by Azriel Demain of Falln Creations
Layla Skin by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Early Hair in Blonde by Elika Tiramasu of Elikatira

Please click each picture to enlarge...

Penya elf ear in Tan

Limba elf ear in Tan

Limba elf ear in Tan

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Elven Bloom Doll

There's a new rage all over Second Life, it's called BLOOM DOLLS by Emma Gilmour! These cute little avies have won the hearts of just about everyone. So many Second Lifers already have one or more of the dolls in their ballooning or overabundant inventories, I being one of them, hehe :) They are based on the real life Blythe dolls that are also all the rage. The dolls come in 6 girls skins and 2 boy skins with hair, clothing and accessories being separate. They do come with a few cute poses, which is nice. Their cost is 600L, so very reasonable. Here is the link to the store, which is called Sand and Surf Co: http://slurl.com/secondlife/artilleri/132/198/27 .

I've had so much fun with mine and the nice thing is, they can wear the clothes you already have in inventory if you don't want to have to buy new ones. As far as hair, I found that hair from Elikatira and most styles from Tukinowaguma work well with them. You have to fit them to your normal avie's head first, stretch them, and then resize them for your Bloom Doll's head. I decided I wanted to make my Bloom Doll an elf, imagine that! lol I also had to resize some elf ears for her. Just make sure that anything you resize and want to keep in its original size too, that you copy it before you resize (it's nice when the objects are both copyable and modifiable if you're using them for the dolls). It's so much fun to see what people have come up with when styling their dolls. Here is the Bloom Doll group in Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/bloomdolls/ . There is also a Photo Contest you can enter and is judged based on best styling. Please visit the store link above for detailed guidelines. Now, I know you're going to go out and buy one if you haven't already, so enjoy!

Clothes: Anariel Armor and Gown set by Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura
Skin and Shape: Ume Bloom Doll avatar by Emma Gilmour of Surf and Sand Co
Hair: Itsuki in White by KateForster Akina of Tukinowaguma
Elf Ears: Kawaii For Me Elf Ears by Kioko Kumaki of Panda Express

Location: Enchanted of Elven Realm

This lovely Caverna Obscura set comes with so many versatile pieces, including this short skirt

...a long cape

Visiting my pixie friends at the Dreamy Fae Lodge by Tamrielle Halderman

One of my dear forest friends, the HPMD Sleepy Rabbit with cuddle AO (s) by Sasaya Kayo
...standing in front of the Cozy Gnomey Homey by Tamrielle Halderman

Visiting my other friends, the Enchanted gnomes (by Tamrielle Halderman)
while showing off the long skirt that goes with the Anariel set

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Colors of the Elements: The White Armory

I love The White Armory and had a hard time deciding which gown to blog about, so I decided to choose four and do a blog representing four "elements" of nature. I chose a white gown for "air", a blue gown for "water", a green/brown/neutral gown for "earth", and a red gown for "fire". Bee Dumpling, the designer/owner of The White Armory, actually has an Elemental set of her own, however, I wanted to be able to showcase four completely different styles. Bee's element collection (the Elemental gowns) are the same style, but different colors. I've pictured each style below with different views at a location in Second Life I thought was absolutely gorgeous. The sim's name is Majesterium and houses an estate called Cheval de Mer. This sim was nominated at the BOSL (Best of Second Life) awards for "Best Overall Sim". I can see why, it's so detailed, classy and simply stunning! The sim is owned by Addison Hax. I know this is a longer blog than normal, so I've broken it down in sections for each element. Enjoy!

Sim Owner: Addison Hax


A gentle breath upon my skin.
Your whimsical giggles underpin.
A gentle breeze commands the day
a soft song upon the waterway

Upon the moor from dusk til dawn.
You blow a gale and leap and fawn.
Does your passage conceal a plight?
Whilst you frolic from noon til night.

The mighty storm that you command
It broke the banks and swept the sand
An orchestra you're akin to
with power etched and notated through,

Your time with us upon this earth
is strecthed across our shallow mirth.
And even though u stand presented
We seem content to remain dessented

the truth ignored, a plea misheard
the callowness of man preferred
an echo through the generation
Air still waits for veneration....

by Fire Phoenix

Eternally Yours gown set by Bee Dumpling of The White Armory
Skin: Eva Natural # 7 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Hair: Early in Light Blonde # 5 by Elika Tiramasu of Elikatira
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with triple loops by Scarlet Chandrayaan


Silent waves drifting over me

Cool and gentle, engulfing my body in a motherly embrace

Refreshing droplets rolling down my smiling face.

Pearl of the Sea gown by Bee Dumpling of The White Armory
Skin: Eva Natural # 7 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Hair: Kay Blue in Blue/Silver by KateForster Akina of Tukinowaguma
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with triple loops by Scarlet Chandrayaan


Earth, The mother, the container
The container of life, future
Materialism, Sensuality
Fertility, Humor

Different names, in different philosophies
Balance of both yin and yang
The feminine and masculine together
Primal spirit, the yellow dragon

Pentacle the weapon,
Uriel the archangel
Phorlakh the angel
Kerub the ruler
Ghob the king

Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo
Children of earth
Calm, practical, pragmatic,
Responsible and cautious
Stubborn, intolerable and inflexible

Earth, Gaia, Prithvi,
The mother, the container
The prison, the solace

by Anand Dixit

Forgotten Realms gown set by Bee Dumpling of The White Armory
Skin: Eva Natural # 7 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Hair: Itika in SH Platinum by KateForster Akina of Tukinowaguma
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with triple loops by Scarlet Chandrayaan


The element of fire
Constructive, destructive
The bright light of fire
The slight of fire
The all consuming fire

Does not exist
In its natural form
Exists by consuming
Another form
It transforms from one
Form to another form

Fuels our passion
Leaves everything ashen
Duels the darkness
Heaves on compassion

Fire, constructively destructive
Fire, destructively constructive
Fire, living death
Fire, dying life

Anand Dixit

Heavenly Body gown set by Bee Dumpling of The White Armory
Skin: Eva Natural # 7 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Hair: Margo in Gold Platinum by KateForster Akina of Tukinowaguma
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with triple hoops by Scarlet Chandrayaan

The Four Elements, by Anne Bradstreet

The Fire, Air, Earth and water did contest
Which was the strongest, noblest and the best,
Who was of greatest use and might'est force;
In placide Terms they thought now to discourse,
That in due order each her turn should speak;
But enmity this amity did break
All would be chief, and all scorn'd to be under
Whence issu'd winds & rains, lightning & thunder
The quaking earth did groan, the Sky lookt black
The Fire, the forced Air, in sunder crack;
The sea did threat the heav'ns, the heavn's the earth,
All looked like a Chaos or new birth:
Fire broyled Earth, & scorched Earth it choaked
Both by their darings, water so provoked
That roaring in it came, and with its source
Soon made the Combatants abate their force
The rumbling hissing, puffing was so great
The worlds confusion, it did seem to threat
Till gentle Air, Contention so abated
That betwixt hot and cold, she arbitrated
The others difference, being less did cease
All storms now laid, and they in perfect peace
That Fire should first begin, the rest consent,
The noblest and most active Element.