Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wisteria Wind

Okay, I know I'm rather slow moving here lately, sorry you all! Just been very busy with first life, you know how that goes. I miss blogging, so can't imagine staying away for too long! Anyway....

This time my blog is focusing on a simply stunning outfit my friend and sis SeleneLily gave me. She is always so thoughtful and is known to shower people with gifts for no particular reason at all, except that she's an unselfish, kind, and wonderful person :) This outfit is called Wisteria Wind by Elvina Ewing and the color is to die for! My favorite color is already blue, so this is just perfection to me. As always, the details are what make the outfit so contains wisteria and little butterfly adornments, along with lovely and elaborate feminine trim. The fit is just right and flows beautifully. The flowing fabric moves as you do and looks totally natural. You can also wear it in different ways as there are several pieces. Here is what's listed in the marketplace:

This set includes 13 pieces in total:
✿ clothing layers (no mod/copy): top on shirt and undershirt layers; thong; long glitchpants;
✿ prim parts (mod/copy): sculpted chest cloths decorated with wisteria vines and flowers;
✿ 2 slightly different flexi prim skirts with sculpted folds decorated with wisteria vines and flowers;
✿ L & R upper leg long skirt pieces (sculpted folds & flexi prims);
✿ L & R upper leg short skirt pieces (sculpted folds & flexi prims);
✿ L & R sleeves decorated with wisteria flowers.

The matching wreath and sandals are sold separately. Also, I added the wings from Fancy Fairy because I decided I wanted to be a faerie for a change. The outfit comes in both blue and purple.

Natalie is wearing...
Clothes: Wisteria Wind in Blue by Caverna Obscura (wreath and shoes sold separately)
Wings: Titania scripted in Blue Dream by Fancy Fairy
Skin: SilkGirl Xian in Tan by DrLife
Hair: Amelie in Blonde by Emo-tions
Eyes: Imperial Purple by FASHISM
Lashes: Sweet by Calla
Bird Prop: by Sasaya Kayo of HPMD
Location: Mostly at Lothlorien Forest

The beautiful wreath is sold separately

Wings by Fancy Fairy