Sunday, October 31, 2010

Too Much Candy!

Halloween Candy

Candy is my favorite treat
lots of kinds for you to eat!

M&M's, Hershey Kiss,
Snicker Bars and licorice.

Candy corn for Halloween
Chewy pumpkins
filled with cream.

Getting candy on Halloween
Can't eat too much
Or my mom will scream.

Halloween is lots of fun
Scary costumes
for everyone.
Ghosts and goblins
and witches too
I like candy, do you?

By Alexandra

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has a fun and safe one :) Go ahead, it's okay...this is the one day out of the year you can splurge on candy! hehe Evie's Closet had some really cute Halloween fashions and I chose Willo O' the Wisp Pandemonium in dusky pink for this blog. It comes in quite a few other colors and in my opinion can be worn anytime (not just Halloween) because it's so versatile and classic. I took these pictures in the dark forest of Enchanted. Again, HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!

Clothes: Willo O' the Wisp Pandemonium in dusky pink by Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet
Skin: Sofia in Natural Makeup 7 by Aida Ewing
Elf Ears: Sad elf ears Thorned by Kioko Kumaki of Panda Express
Hair: Peta in Swedish by Truth Hawks of Truth
Lollipop: Lil' Miss Winthorpe's NumNum Lollies in Bubblegum (comes in several flavors)

Location: Enchanted of Elven Realm (dark forest)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back in Black

Yes, I'm finally doing another post and this time I'm BACK IN BLACK! hehe I thought Halloween would be the perfect time to show off a striking, eye-catching outfit by Kira Lavendel of MysticHope Designs. It's not a new design, but is really pretty and in classical black. As always, the design contains many ways to put it together. This includes with or without cuffs, with sleeves or without, and as a long gown or just pants. The cut and trim on the design gives it a nice feminine touch and originality. I photographed several views so you could see the different components. I am posing in my new sim called, Enchanted (you know the project that's had me out of pocket a bit) along with one of my unicorn friends :)

Clothes: MysticHope Magic Soul by Kira Lavendel in collaboration with Marinoco Oceanlane and Ich Camel

Boots: MysticHope Boots ElvenSpirit in black by Kira Lavendel

Skin: Sofia in Natural skin Makeup 3 by Aida Ewing

Elf Ears: Wilted Star Elf Ears by Kioko Kumaki of Panda Express

Hair: Marianne in Swedish by Truth Hawks of Truth
Tattoo: Tribalflowers by Lublu Unplugged

Unicorn: Unicorn Stand in black by Kim Lefavre of Sang Fori Design
Location: Elven Realm's Enchanted, owner: Natalie Montagne


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Elven Realm's Enchanted

On bridge from the light to dark forest

Mushroom forest

Wow, I didn't realize it had been that long between posts! Alot of the reason for this is because I've been working on a new and exciting project :) I thought it was about time I share with everyone the fact I've recently acquired a new sim of my own in Second Life as it's something I've wanted to do for years. I've had all these ideas running around in my mind about what I want to do with it and have finally done it! I knew Andrek Lowell, a very talented environmental designer who also created Chakryn and Bentham Forest, was who I needed to make my ideas a reality (well a virtual reality). He just finished his part of the work and now I'm adding things here and there that need done. The new area is called Enchanted, and it's in the sim, Elven Realm. It's a beautiful, magical fantasy world incorporating realism with a touch of whimsy. The "purpose" of the region is to provide a refuge or sanctuary of sorts for the rare unicorn and other woodland animals. Also, a percentage of all donations to the sim will be given to the national animal rights advocacy group, Friends of Animals, so it's all about the forest fauna. I plan to have events and contests now and then, plus there is a Flickr page where people can post pictures taken in the sim. I've always had a love for fantasy art and am amazed daily by the talent of so many artists within Second Life. I'd like to make this the focus of alot of contests and recognition I plan to have within the sim.

The unicorn pasture right outside the cottage

A view of the castle tower

Sitting on a mushroom at the gathering spot

There are quite a few "can't miss" areas of the forest, but I want them to be a surprise as they are hidden all over the sim. The best way to explore is definitely on foot, or you are bound to miss something. Also, set your environment to midnight when you enter the dark forest. That's right, we have a dark forest, just in time for Halloween! There's also a mushroom forest, flower field, fae gathering spot, unicorn pasture, mermaid inlet, and candy cove plus MANY other fun places to discover.

Entrance to the dark forest

Colorful mermaid inlet

I don't want to tell you too much, because I think you need to discover it for yourself! I've added a few pictures to this post so you can get an idea of what the forest is like. I hope you'll come visit soon! Fae, fairy, elf, wizard, drow or human, I think you'll enjoy Enchanted to the fullest!

Clothes: Lianna by Kira Lavendel of MysticHope Designs

Skin: June 2 Raccoon 2 by Gala Phoenix of Curio

Elf Ears: Wilted Star Elf Ears by Kioko Kumaki of Panda Express

Hair: Tara Swedish Streaked by Truth Hawks of Truth

Our Flickr page:

Our blog site:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fantasy Art Focus: Aida Ewing


I thought it was time to do a new feature focusing on another very talented artist within Second Life. I've been spending more time on Flickr lately just enjoying all the wonderful beauty and creativity so many put into their work, each with their own style. It's amazing what someone can do with a snapshot taken in Second Life! Aida Ewing is definitely one of these wonderful artists who has a gift. I chose some of her elven shots, but she takes many different varieties, focusing on fashion, friends, and romance, too. Every picture of hers I've seen is perfectly smooth and soft, plus she tends to use more muted color tones rather than bright colors. She makes a bold statement with a simple, classy style in every picture and each of those pictures may have a touch of urban chic, glamour, magic, or goth depending on the look. Aida is not only talented with pictures, but also creates beautiful fashions and skins for her store, Glam Affair, within Second Life. She has such creative vision in all areas. There's something to be said about being multitalented!

Gray Elves





Hide You

You can enjoy more of Aida's pictures in Flickr:
Her store blog: