Sunday, September 25, 2011

Storybook Magic: Red Riding Hood

I decided I wanted to do a storybook/faerie tale look for the blog this time, and specifically wanted Little Red Riding Hood. There are many different costumes for this particlar character, but I thought Wisp Jinn's version was the most classy and beautiful. Yes, I know, I know, Little Red Riding Hood didn't really wear sexy lingerie with garters, but again, as I always say, this is Second Life right? :P This outfit is made of gorgeous, deep red velvet and comes with many optional pieces including a hood and cape, bra and panties, garter and stockings, lace-up corset dress, and a basket full of lovely items. the Mary Janes are also from Wisp Jinn's store, Wishbox. I wanted to include a short version of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, so found the one below on the net (it had no author's name listed). May all your wishes and dreams come true and may you live happily ever after!

Clothes: Little Red outfit by Wisp Jinn of Wishbox
Shoes: Dark Fairy Bridal Mary Janes in Black by Wisp Jinn of Wishbox
Skin: SilkGirlXian in Tan by Leena Ying of DrLife
Hair: Fiorentina in Ebony by KateForster Akin of Tukinowaguma
Location: Enchanted of Elven Realm

Long time ago, in a little village, at the edge of the forest, lived a little girl with her mother. Her name was Little Red Riding Hood. She was sweetest and cutest child in the whole town. She always wore a pretty red cloak and hood that her mother had made for her. All the forest folks knew her well. Particularly a wicked old wolf had often watched her and thought she looked good enough to eat.

One day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother said, "Take this basket of bread and goodies to your grandma as she is not well these days and cannot cook for herself." Her mother strictly instructed her not to talk to any stranger on the way. The wicked old wolf was hiding behind the bushes. He was listening to all the conversation carefully. Ahhha… this is a great chance for me to eat the lovely girl, said the wolf. He planned to reach granny's cottage before Little Red Riding Hood could reach.

Little Red Riding Hood skipped merrily along the forest path, enjoying the bright sunshine, the blue sky and the birds singing in the trees. Meanwhile the wolf reached her granny's cottage and managed to enter inside. He frightened the old lady and pulled her in a dark room. Then he took her gown, wore it and eagerly waited for the little girl to come. Soon the doorbell rang, the old wolf opened the door and welcomed Red riding hood. The girl was quite surprised to see her grandma covered in a shawl she also found her granny’s voice a little different so she asked her, "Are you ok Grandma?" The wolf replied, "Yes my dear".

She gave the basket of goodies to her. The wolf thanked and asked her to come closer. As Red Riding Hood stepped forward, she could see the big ears of the wolf. "Grandma", she said, “What big ears you have". "All the better to hear you with, my child", replied the wolf. "What big eyes you have." "All the better to see you with, my dear."

The girl was realizing that she was not her Grandma. She saw the big teeth and said, "What big teeth you have”. "All the better to eat you with," cried the wolf and jumped on the little girl. Red Riding Hood turned around and ran out of the cottage. She was crying for ‘help’. A forester passing by heard her cry and came near the cottage. Little Red Riding Hood told him about the wicked wolf.
The forester entered the cottage to kill the wolf. He was lucky that the wolf was busy removing the clothes. Without wasting any time he killed the wolf with the hammer. Then they both brought the grandma out of the dark room. The girl explained the whole incident to her grandma. The grandma kissed the little girl and took her inside the cottage.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Elves Wear Jeans Too

Raquel's white peasant top (without ruffles) by Candace Hudson

I love Faery Sola's Unisex jeans and wanted to showcase them along with some pretty tops. I found three different and sexy peasant style shirts to go with the jeans, two by DigitalTaylor Resident and one by Candace Hudson. The two by DigitalTaylor are the same style, one is solid white and one is a colorful floral pattern. Both are vintage cotton and so lovely and romantic. You could choose to wear them as is or under a jacket or open blouse. The top by Candace Hudson is a little more full in the sleeves and has optional attachments (with or without ruffles, bow, and sleeves), and is made of cotton plus a pretty, chiffon fabric.

The Unisex jeans by Studio Sidhe are of a slim fit and look great! They're stylish and what's really cool is they come in 7 fantastic, black, brown, charcoal, gold, purple and red! If you join the Studio Sidhe group, you can get a green pair of the jeans for becoming a member, so this pair is special and different for group members only. I always know when I purchase something from Faery's store that it's of the highest quality and well made.

Enjoy the pictures and please click on them if you want to see them bigger :)

Natalie is wearing...

Clothes: Vintage floral and white gypsy tops by DigitalTaylor Resident; Raquel's Peasant top in white by Candace Hudson; Unisex Jeans in Denim Blue by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe

Skin: SilkGirl Crystal in Tan by Leena Ying of DrLife
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with diamond piercings by Scarlet Chandrayaan
Hair: Eva in Long Pearl Platinum by Carina Larsen of Amacci
Necklace: Mushroom Drop necklace by Maena Tammas of Mae Fairy Tale

Tiesto is wearing...

Clothes: Unisex Jeans in Green (group gift) by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe
Skin: Jordan M10 by Nany Merlin
Hair: Bonber in Ebony by KateForster Akin of Tukinowaguma

Unisex Jeans by Faery Sola

Faery's Unisex Jeans

Raquel's peasant top with ruffle attachments by Candace Hudson

Vintage floral print gypsy top by DigitalTaylor Resident

Vintage white gypsy top by DigitalTaylor Resident

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Des Fleurs Bleu

I've been in a blue mood as of late, but also in the mood to wear blue. I've always loved Evie Miles' Ariel Fairy and finally spent some Lindens on the blue version. It's made of beautiful blue daisies and silk with several optional pieces. For example, you can wear the top and bottoms with or without the silk attachment as seen below. The outfit also comes with a head circlet and anklets. You can get this lovely, detailed outfit in purple, black, yellow, white, pink and red. Evie's colors are always vibrant and gorgeous as are her designs. Pure magic!

Clothes: Ariel Fairy in Blue by Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet
Skin: SilkGirlXian in Tan by Leena Ying of DrLife
Elf Ears: BB Basic Pointy Ears Type A Exotic Skin by Suetabulous Yootz
Eyes: Sunrise in Caribbean Blue by Ikon Innovia
Hair: Early in Black 05 by Elikatira

Location: Enchanted Unicorn sim

With silk attachment on bottom

With silk attachment on top

With no silk attachments

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three Enchanted Mermaids

Left to right: Natalie, Xia and Selene
Multipose Mermaid Rock by Sula Snook of KH

Yes, I'm normally an elf, but yesterday I was in the mood to be a mermaid, so I was! That's the wonder of Second Life isn't it? You can be who and what you want to be whenever and however you want. I think when I saw Surreal LeShelle's new mermaid outfit it inspired me! It comes in 9 beautiful colors and you can get 3 colors for the price of one...they come in packs. Of course you can get all 9 in one pack and then 3 other packs with 3 colors in each, the Tropical, Floral and Aquatic packs. The tails and tops are sold separately within these packs and you can mix and match the colors. What's so nice is her store can be found on Enchanted too, so you can shop AND visit the sim at the same time. I drug two mer friends with me and we dove into the depths of Enchanted's beautiful waters and swam with our many colorful fishy friends and just hung out for some much needed mer talk!

Natalie's outfit: Mermaid outfit (shell top and tail) in Water Lily (Floral pack) by Surreal LeShelle of Deviance
skin: Layla in Natural #8 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Eyes: Sunrise in Caribbean Blue by Fashism
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with diamond piercings by Scarlet Chandrayaan
hair: Water Goddess headpiece AND hair by Precious Restless of Vita's Boudoir
Poses used by Natalie below are by Wet Catz

Selene's outfit: Lumina Mermaid in Pale by Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet
Eyes: Sunrise in Egyptian Blue by Fashism
hair: Rachel in Silver II by AngelCross Skinstad of Cross

Xia's outfit: The Passionate One by Cane Sutter of Skinthesis
Hair by Kiki

Location: Underwater Mermaid Cove at Enchanted of Elven Realm

Selene in Evie Miles' Lumina

Xia in the Passionate One by Skinthesis

Nat in Surreal LeShelle's Water Lily Mer

Water Goddess headpiece and hair by Vita's Boudoir