Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three Enchanted Mermaids

Left to right: Natalie, Xia and Selene
Multipose Mermaid Rock by Sula Snook of KH

Yes, I'm normally an elf, but yesterday I was in the mood to be a mermaid, so I was! That's the wonder of Second Life isn't it? You can be who and what you want to be whenever and however you want. I think when I saw Surreal LeShelle's new mermaid outfit it inspired me! It comes in 9 beautiful colors and you can get 3 colors for the price of one...they come in packs. Of course you can get all 9 in one pack and then 3 other packs with 3 colors in each, the Tropical, Floral and Aquatic packs. The tails and tops are sold separately within these packs and you can mix and match the colors. What's so nice is her store can be found on Enchanted too, so you can shop AND visit the sim at the same time. I drug two mer friends with me and we dove into the depths of Enchanted's beautiful waters and swam with our many colorful fishy friends and just hung out for some much needed mer talk!

Natalie's outfit: Mermaid outfit (shell top and tail) in Water Lily (Floral pack) by Surreal LeShelle of Deviance
skin: Layla in Natural #8 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Eyes: Sunrise in Caribbean Blue by Fashism
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with diamond piercings by Scarlet Chandrayaan
hair: Water Goddess headpiece AND hair by Precious Restless of Vita's Boudoir
Poses used by Natalie below are by Wet Catz

Selene's outfit: Lumina Mermaid in Pale by Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet
Eyes: Sunrise in Egyptian Blue by Fashism
hair: Rachel in Silver II by AngelCross Skinstad of Cross

Xia's outfit: The Passionate One by Cane Sutter of Skinthesis
Hair by Kiki

Location: Underwater Mermaid Cove at Enchanted of Elven Realm

Selene in Evie Miles' Lumina

Xia in the Passionate One by Skinthesis

Nat in Surreal LeShelle's Water Lily Mer

Water Goddess headpiece and hair by Vita's Boudoir

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