Saturday, September 24, 2011

Elves Wear Jeans Too

Raquel's white peasant top (without ruffles) by Candace Hudson

I love Faery Sola's Unisex jeans and wanted to showcase them along with some pretty tops. I found three different and sexy peasant style shirts to go with the jeans, two by DigitalTaylor Resident and one by Candace Hudson. The two by DigitalTaylor are the same style, one is solid white and one is a colorful floral pattern. Both are vintage cotton and so lovely and romantic. You could choose to wear them as is or under a jacket or open blouse. The top by Candace Hudson is a little more full in the sleeves and has optional attachments (with or without ruffles, bow, and sleeves), and is made of cotton plus a pretty, chiffon fabric.

The Unisex jeans by Studio Sidhe are of a slim fit and look great! They're stylish and what's really cool is they come in 7 fantastic, black, brown, charcoal, gold, purple and red! If you join the Studio Sidhe group, you can get a green pair of the jeans for becoming a member, so this pair is special and different for group members only. I always know when I purchase something from Faery's store that it's of the highest quality and well made.

Enjoy the pictures and please click on them if you want to see them bigger :)

Natalie is wearing...

Clothes: Vintage floral and white gypsy tops by DigitalTaylor Resident; Raquel's Peasant top in white by Candace Hudson; Unisex Jeans in Denim Blue by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe

Skin: SilkGirl Crystal in Tan by Leena Ying of DrLife
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with diamond piercings by Scarlet Chandrayaan
Hair: Eva in Long Pearl Platinum by Carina Larsen of Amacci
Necklace: Mushroom Drop necklace by Maena Tammas of Mae Fairy Tale

Tiesto is wearing...

Clothes: Unisex Jeans in Green (group gift) by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe
Skin: Jordan M10 by Nany Merlin
Hair: Bonber in Ebony by KateForster Akin of Tukinowaguma

Unisex Jeans by Faery Sola

Faery's Unisex Jeans

Raquel's peasant top with ruffle attachments by Candace Hudson

Vintage floral print gypsy top by DigitalTaylor Resident

Vintage white gypsy top by DigitalTaylor Resident


  1. lovely post! thanks so much Nat! <3

    The green jeans actually went away recently but you can get this instead:

    I'll have to work something out with the jeans! Sorry to those people who might have gone looking for them.

  2. Yvw :) Ahhh...Tiesto became a group member and received the green jeans right before the blog was posted, that must've just happened. Thank you for letting us know :)