Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantasy Art Focus: Tamzin Xigalia

Moonlight and Dragonflies

Tamzin Xigalia is extremely talented at taking all kinds of pictures in Second Life. However, her greatest love is fantasy pictures. I've featured quite a few of my favorites of hers here. Again, it was very hard to narrow down which ones I wanted to feature, as I could've posted them all!

Tamzin's love of picture-taking began when she was new to Second Life and explored the sim, Garden of Dreams. She was in awe of the beauty of the sim and it inspired her to want to capture it somehow for others to enjoy. While she was visiting, she met another photographer named, Naija, who is now a close friend of Tamzin's. Naija took a lovely snapshot of Tamzin by the river in Garden of Dreams and sent it to her, as she knew how much she loved the sim. Then Naija spent about 45 minutes showing Tamzin how to take snapshots in game. That's how it started and after that, Tamzin found she couldn't stop taking pictures. She loved taking pictures of others, and her number one "model" happened to be Voy Sands, creator of the lovely Elven Forest. She said Voy was the one who told her about Flickr and now you can find all of Tamzin's beautiful pictures in one place:

Tamzin's reputation as a good photographer is well-known, as she has had quite a few who have commissioned her services.

Tamzin said she she's found that most pictures she takes match her mood, thus she presents a variety when it comes to style. "Not all my pictures are what people may call nice, some have said some of my pictures scare them, but I find if i feel nothing, I can't take pictures," as stated by Tamzin. You can see this in her pictures, they all have depth and meaning and you can tell there's quite a bit of "feeling" involved. "I love fantasy, anything whimsical. I guess a lot of my pictures have that kind of feel to them, and I always come back to my roots, elves and fairies." I'm so glad she does, because fantasy is my favorite, too, and I love it every time Tamzin comes out with a new picture within this theme! She's truly amazing and everyone who loves fantasy needs to view her stream in Flickr (listed above) or you're really missing out!

No Sky, No Air...

Encounter (one of my faves)

We Got Tonight

Making Friends


Not Just a Boat ...(unedited)

The Ladies Dragon

Winter is Magic

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