Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the Cottage Boutiques: Deviance

Deviance, another high quality shop within the Cottage Boutiques of Enchanted, has a great variety of fashions, their specialty being costumes of all kinds. They carry Snow White, Rose Red, Alice in Wonderland (and a dark version), princess gowns, Tinkerbell, and many other choices for your avatar. Designer Surreal LeShelle is excellent with every detail, from the presentation of the style to the purchase and the way it's boxed. Each style itself is beautiful, high quality, has a great fit and contains many options! She has a knack for giving each creation classic styling with just the right amount of "sexy" along with it. That's what I love about alot of her designs! In this blog I am showing one of her gorgeous gowns in the Deluxe Fairy Tale Princess collection. There are two different sytles within this collection, the basic and the dark, and they each come in 9 wonderful colors. This particular style is within the basic collection and the color is called Morning Glory. Please stop by the Cottage and see all Surreal's stunning fashions!

Clothes: Deluxe Fairy Tale Princess Gown in Morning Glory by Surreal LeShelle of Deviance

Skin: DrLife Silk Girl Xian in Tan by Leena Ying

Hair: Early in Black 05 by Elikatira

Location: Enchanted of Elven Realm (my home above the sim)

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