Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arwen's Creations: Lirimaer

The last in my Arwen blog series is a gown called Lirimaer. It's another gorgeous, versatile design full of rich, detailed trim and many optional pieces. Here is Arwen's marketplace description:

"Lirimaer" is Elven-inspired. The name "Lirimaer" means "Lovely One" in Elvish, and you will be lovely in this 21 piece ensemble crafted from white velvet with gold accents. The outfit includes 3 skirts, golden head circlet, waist circlet, necklace, sculpted shoes (alpha layer enabled, so please be sure your viewer supports alpha layers - no invisiprims were used), flowing sleeves, high neck with button closure, and lovely curved rim veil for Freewoman roleplayers.

This gown can be as revealing or as modest as your roleplay needs demand: The offshoulder blouse is cut with a low neck and back; the undershirt is a scoop neck (collar bone revealed) with 3/4 sleeves (to provide a bit more modesty). They look great individually, or, layered together. The jacket layer is done as a waistwrap and looks lovely over either the blouse, the undershirt, or both.

This gown comes in 23 wonderful color combinations and can be found at Arwen Serpente's store, Arwen's Creations.

clothes: Lirimaer in Luscious (raisin and brown) by Arwen Serpente of Arwen's Creations

skin: SilkGirl Xian in Tan by DrLife

Eyes: Sunrise Gold by FASHISM

Hair: Orchid in Swedish by Truth

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