Sunday, April 1, 2012

Elvina Did It Again!

Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura did it again with one of her newer designs called Sorcerer's Apprentice. I spotted this in her blog (listed under fantasy to the right) and....well here we are :) I think the first thing that attracted my attention was the beautiful shade of blue! Blue is my favorite color anyway, then with it applied to an elven style I've always loved (more tailored with pants), how could I go wrong? Every time I acquire one of Elvina's designs, it always looks just as good or better than in the pictures...I've never been unhappy with a single one. This one has a lovely casual and tailored look of blue velvet sprinkled with gorgeous purple jewels here and there. As do many of Elvina's designs, this outfit comes with the boots and also an apprentice belt with scrolls, potion vials, pouches and a spellbook. A delicious buy indeed!

Clothes: Sorcerer's Apprentice by Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura (boots included)
Skin: SilkGirl Xian in Tan by DrLife
Elf Ears: Ethereal Fey Ears by Balderdash and Schadenfreude
Hair: Minerva in Essence by Vanity Hair (with Eden Essence extension)
Location: Bewitched of Elven Mist

Please click to enlarge each picture

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