Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fantasy Art Focus: Doni Parlanti (Tigre Milena in SL)

Set Them Free

"I was never very good with words, but give me a lump of clay any day, and I will turn it into anything you like!"...Doni Parlanti

Doni Parlanti, also known as Tigre Milena in Second Life, creates beautiful, unique, creative, expressive and sometimes whimsical art in Second Life. I discovered her work easily when I saw she had a flair for fantasy pictures, my favorite. Every time I glanced at the Flickr pool and what people had posted, I'd see a picture that stood out in the crowd and then I had to zoom in. Doni's was always one of these! Her pictures are so colorful, full of creative imagination, and original, I just had to write about them. What impresses me the most, and I didn't even realize until a little later, is that she doesn't edit or process her pictures! That makes them even more amazing, and the fact you can't tell, pure brilliance.

Doni does not consider herself a good PC artist, however, I know many of us would have to disagree, I being one of them. Her forte is working with her hands on anything from sculpting with clay to working with paint and textiles. She also enjoys photography in first life. In fact, she has a degree in Arts and Crafts and this covers anything from Sculpture to Graphic Design, therefore, Doni is definitely a true artist by trade and came to Second Life by request of a friend who thought she might enjoy taking pictures in game. Boy does she! We're so glad she came so we can now enjoy her many talents! Doni noticed how most people process pictures they take in game and challenged herself to take pictures just as good and inspiring to others without any processing at all. She builds and has built alot of the props she uses in the pictures she takes and also uses other artists' props and background sets in her pictures. She considers this and the fact she doesn't change anything, a tribute to these artists and gives them the recognition they deserve. Doni realizes no post processing means some imperfections in the pictures, but never intended for them to be perfect. She feels showing others how pictures can be just as beautiful, expressive and good a quality by not editing them will inspire others with their own creations. I think this is an admirable and wonderful goal on her part! I know she inspires me a great deal :)

Fish Skin


The Pied Piper of Bentham

The Lost Prince

Food For Thought


The Owl and the Pussycat


You can see many more of Doni's pictures in her Flickr photostream:

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