Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nice Contrast: Blue and Black

Blue and black has always been one of my favorite color combinations. It's so striking, beautiful, and any bright color with black looks great, blue just happens to be my favorite color. Selina Forder of Elvenbreath has done it again with this sharp, lovely, and very hip ensemble. This detailed outfit comes with a black vest containing touches of faux fur, pants with small, metal discs down the side and bright blue shirt. It's a great choice for casual wear at any time and truly stands out in the crowd!

Clothes: Aloda by Selina Forder of Elvenbreath
Boots: Ving in black by Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things
Skin: Eva in Natural Makeup 2 by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair
Hair: Zz504 in black by Leena Ying of DrLife Healthy Hair
Elf Ears: Wilted Elf Ears by Kioko Kumaki of Panda Express

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