Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pure Evil

  "Maleficent: Listen well, all of you. The Princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel - AND DIE!
Sleeping Beauty - 1959

 Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, my all time favorite fairy tale growing up.  I always loved the storyline and of course, the witch Maleficent had to be the best villain I'd ever seen out of all the Disney fairy tale movies!  I was looking at the new Flickr posts the other day and came across a new Maleficent Witch Avatar and costume by Precious Restless of Vita's Boudoir!  I couldn't believe it, it was simply stunning!  I of course had to buy, buy, buy, then try it on as soon as I could.  You definitely need the latest Phoenix and/or a viewer for mesh.  She made several sizes in certain pieces for a good fit.  Here is the writeup in the marketplace by Precious:

This is a complete avatar,  which means it contains skin,eyes,brows,sculpted eyelashes,dress(mesh in 5 standard sizes),hat(also mesh in 5 sizes),shoes,witch animated magical staff and alpha layers in every possible combination so you can wear dress without hat in some another glamorous occasion :)))
Everything in box is modify except skin,eyes and brows ;)

This avie and costume is so much fun!  I took the pictures of Natalie below at Bentham Forest, the perfect setting for evil in its purest form :)  This would also make the perfect Halloween costume!  Yes, this detailed, beautiful costume along with the avatar is amazing....literally to DIE for!  *evil laugh*

 Walt Disney's Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty


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