Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Eyes Have It!

I found some really pretty and good quality face tattoos by Sonia28 Jie of Son!a.  They come in several different styles and colors.  Of course I had to purchase the fatpack for each so I'd have every color!  Each fatpack comes in 6 different colors and the one called Fairy Face Tattoo (my personal favorite)  contains sculpted prim face diamonds.  They range in price from 300 to 400L.  The name of the store is Son!a Luxury Fashion.  Here is the link to the marketplace:[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=fairy+face+tattoo

The outfit I'm wearing is called Nelinde by Selina Forder of Elvenbreath and comes with the following:
 > Pants
> long jacket
> upper sleeves for long jacket
> lower sleeves for long jacket
> short jacket
> Shoulder parts for short jacket
> Collar
> Bottom of shirt with belt
> Bottoms of pants

Skin:  SilkGirl Xian in Tan by DrLife
Hair:  Tram A816 in creamy yellow
 Elf Ears:  Etherial Fey Ears by Balderdash and Schadenfreude 

 Fairy Face Tattoo in Gold

 Velvet Face Tattoo in Gold

 India Face Tattoo in Gold

 Foret Face Tatoo

Butterfly Face Tattoo in Gold

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