Tuesday, June 1, 2010


You are unique like a snowflake that falls from the sky
Glistening as it blankets the ground in wintertime

You are beautiful like the mountains that line the horizon
Mighty, majestic, and colorful as they stand out in the sun

You are strong like the trees that make the forest their home
Steadfast and sturdy as they protect all creatures who roam

You are kind like a bubbling spring stretching from a river
Sparkling clear and fresh as it provides water for the drifter

You are thoughtful like a bluebird as it builds a nest for its young
Diligent and selfless as it prepares protection, a hero who is unsung

You are loving like a mature buck who guides and fathers its fawn
Leaping and prancing in the woods from dusk until dawn

You are amazing as is all nature and living things made by God’s hand
For you were also made by the same, encompassing many facets of sea and land

I originally wrote this poem for someone special and wanted to post it here because it just seemed to fit within the magical realms of this site.

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