Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Gift

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I logged into Second Life late last night and found a wonderful surprise waiting for me. I noticed an inventory item along with a message had been sent and was waiting in the upper right hand corner of my screen. It was sent by Azriel Demain of FallnAngel Creations and stated that I had been given a gift as one of Falln's Angels Group members. It was a beautiful gown that had been named after me and sent in every color! The design's name, Falln Natalie Gown, consists of a bodice, arm wrap, shoulder wrap, skirt, sleeves, gloves, cloak and gown bottom. The twelve colors it comes in are pink, red, green, blue, gold, purple, aqua, black, silver, white, orange and brown. I quickly tried the gown on and loved the way it looked and fit. I truly felt honored the designer had done this and decided I was going to blog about it! I thought it only befitting to go to the beautiful Tol Narwa Vire, which is also Azriel's amazing creation, to take some pictures wearing the gown...

Skin: June II/Raccoon II in Sundust light by Gala Phoenix of Curio
Hair: Rachel in light brown by AngelCross Skinstad of Cross
Elf Ears: by Brunhild Uriza of L'Emporio Shop
Location: Tol Narwa Vire and FallnAngel Creations

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