Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fantasy Art Focus: SeleneLily Galicia


I have always loved fantasy art, especially anything with elves, fairies and unicorns. I love the dreamy, magical feel of the art, plus the colors and settings are always beautiful. I think it's also that part of me that refuses to grow up, that still believes. I know many others adore this artwork, too, so I decided to focus on one particular artist and their work about once a week. This week, I've chosen a very special friend of mine, SeleneLily Galicia, also known as Soledad Serenidad, her mermaid persona. Every artist definitely has their own original and unique style, and Selene is no exception. I love her work because her pictures have a softness about them, plus the colorization and textures are always lovely. Originally, I thought I'd only feature one picture, but it was too hard to choose just one favorite! Seven featured pictures was the best I could do! The caption below each picture is its original name by Selene. Enjoy :)

I See You


First Light

Fairy Tales(a special one to me because Selene dedicated it to another friend and I)

Tattered Reflection

Reef Reflection

See more of Selene's beautiful pictures:

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