Monday, July 19, 2010

Chakryn Forest: Romantic Beauty

I think the forests and woods of Second Life are my absolute favorite when it comes to exploration. I've already blogged about two of my favorites, Elven Forest and Tol Narwa Vire. I discovered another one not long ago that's absolutely beautiful and it's called Chakryn Forest, owned by Bettina Tizzy and created by Andrek Lowell. I found it listed as a pick on someone's profile.

A creature visiting the Forest, while looking very regal indeed.

Elemental waters dancing below one of the many statues in the Forest and the volcano high above

As soon as I landed in the Forest, I was surrounded by huge, lush trees that seemed to glitter in the sunlight. Small blossoms, leaves, and magic dust fell from above, while sounds of the forest could be heard in every direction. As I began to walk, I could see a flowing creek in front of me with two very tall waterfalls to the left. A lovely statue floated among the waterfalls and I was in awe of this magical place. I ran across a tree stump with instructions of some kind, then I realized it was an ongoing quest using orbs set up throughout the forest. I continued to walk through the woods and ran across quite a few unique oddities including a giant snowglobe, a large teddy bear standing by the creek, big eyes and faces following you as you walk by, a floating moon with a bed to relax, an opaque blue camel, a hobo vardo, and a heavyset nude woman lounging by the creek *giggles*.

One of the "eyes" of the forest that follow your every move as you pass o.O

A BIG, but friendly teddy bear

One thing I love about Chakryn Forest is the gorgeous sunbeams that filter through the trees and into the forest giving it a glowing and colorful prism effect. I noticed in about two to three spots on the edge of the sim right over the water, there were dancing effects using abstract art, which added to the overall magic of the sim. There are also hidden places within the Forest. I found a body of water high at the top of a rocky mountain and when I went into the water, I ended up in a little room with candles, planets, and other interesting items. After walking past stone "faces" built into the rock surrounding me and following my every move, I found a dark cave that also lead to this underwater area. There's also a volcano at the highest point of the sim. Little coves and resting places are scattered all about the forest, making it that much more inviting. Inside another cave is the actual trees and other forest objects for sale by the creator, Andrek Lowell.

Relaxing on the floating moon :)

The hobo vardo full of "important" junk...wait, can junk be important? Of course it can!

Chakryn Forest is another must-see in Second Life I can't say enough about. There is no nudity, weapons or vampire bites allowed as it's a peaceful region especially created for relaxation and discovery. Beauty, magic, and "character" abounds in this original!

Clothes: Mirelle by Selina Forder of Elvenbreath
Shoes: Maitreya Gold in IXkin Black by Beauvoir Rousselot
Skin: June 2/Raccoon 2 in Sundust light by Gala Phoenix of Curio
Elf Ears: ++Panda Express++ Wilted Elf Ears with Stars by Kioko Kumaki
Hair: Bella II in Chocolate with light brown by Mcgeeb Gupte of JolieFemme Designs

Location: Chakryn Forest - owned by Bettina Tizzy and created by Andrek Lowell

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