Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fantasy Art Focus: Adriane MacMoragh


Adriane MacMoragh is another wonderful artist within Second Life. She does all kinds of pictures, not just fantasy alone. Her talent is unique and beautiful and each and every one of her photos are special with such a variety of textures, colors, lighting effects, poses, skins, hairs, and backgrounds. She knows how to make each photo individual and so many of them are playful, fun and eccentric. I love her use of vibrant colors that look just right, plus alot of her poses are varied. Another thing that makes her pictures interesting is one day she may be a fairy, and the next day she may be retro in rollers. Another day she may be a tough street chick, and the next day she may be a lil elven girl. Elf, fairy, fashionista or chic geek, Adriane's work stands out in the crowd and demands recognition for a job well done!

Now Now, Lil Elven Girl

Bathe In Stars

The Burdies and I

At Unintended Water

Gold Sequins

Fenced In


See more of Adriane's pictures at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/justadriane/
Adriane also has a fun blog: http://adrianesutopiandream.blogspot.com/


  1. ooo dat my cousin <3

  2. Your cousin is sweet and very talented :)

  3. oooo dat my neighbor! <3

    /me bounces up and down excitedly... \o/ Adri!!!