Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bewitching Bentham Hollow

Bewitching, beautiful, whimsical, magical and colorful are just a few words that describe Bentham Hollow, one of Lauren Bentham and Andrek Lowell's newer forest creations. Lauren already owns a store selling products that can be found on her sims called Bentham Manor. She also owns the wonderful Enchanted Wonderland Forest and Bentham Forest (both also created in collaboration with Andrek Lowell), all part of Bentham Isles. Bentham Hollow is a sparkling, vibrant, and simply gorgeous forest full of fun and wonder.

I landed,was welcomed, and then given information about Bentham Hollow and also, the other Bentham sims. I was in awe of the magic and richness of color around me, including the bright bluish "sparkles" falling from above all over the sim. I walked toward a large gate in front of me, which was the entrance to a forest full of giant, chromatic flowers and mushrooms in abundance! Everywhere I turned the forest was full of foliage, trees, vines, large flora and especially MUSHROOMS. Not just any old mushroom, but HUGE mushrooms of every shape and color. Some even had faces that gazed as I walked by. As I went deeper into the woods, I realized this land was reminiscent of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. There were tree trunks with staring faces, polka-dotted mushrooms, mushrooms that glowed, large ponds, babbling creeks, caves, and lovely, shining crystals. Once you land, and then if you turn around and go toward the back rather than forward, you will run across an area full of burning trees. Everything is bright and cheerful, then all of a sudden you enter a dark, gloomy area that looks like it has some kind of flashing lights ahead. When you get closer, you realize it's the tree trunks with faces on fire! As you walk through, ashes and soot fall from the trees and land on the ground making it black to add to the overall effect of this eerie part of the forest.

If you want to enjoy viewing a magical, fantasy sim full of beauty and whimsy, Bentham Hollow is a place you need to see! Bewitchingly beautiful!

Forest gate entrance and a view of some of the flowers and mushrooms of the sim

Some of the glowing mushrooms and sparkling crystals

Red and white polkadots along with faces on mushrooms can be found

The burning trees of Bentham Hollow

Giant colorful flowers, pools of water, green foliage and caves of the Hollow

Clothes: Honor by Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet
Boots: ED Gryphon in bronze by Bryce Randt
Skin: Jadis in Natural #3 with Makeup Layer #16 by Aida Ewing
Elf Ears: by the Plastik
Hair: Wanda in Gold by KateForster Akin of Tukinowaguma
Pearl Drop tiara by Vivienne Daguene

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