Monday, March 7, 2011

Delphinium and Hibiscus: Garden of Friendship

Flowers are one of Nature's most wonderful gifts. How can something so exquisite, so fragrant, so delicate, appearing in so many vibrant colors and different shapes, arise out of the dusky earth? The answer is through the work of the flower faeries... Teresa Moorey

Little Bird in Green by Sasaya Kayo of HPMD

Once upon a time there lived a little blue flower fairy called Delphinia, named after the beautiful flower called Larkspur of the Delphinium family. She lived in a lovely and magical forest called Enchanted of Elven Realm, known for its abundant flora, fauna and foliage. Delphinia had a wonderful disposition, full of sweetness and laughter. She helped keep the animals of the forest happy and healthy with her powers of wellbeing. She would make sure to visit and spend time with each and every creature of the forest every single day, especially the unicorns, with whom she was most endeared. She knew they were the most vulnerable as they were endangered. With her great agility, she could fly and romp about the forest with speed and poise, and be there when needed.

Delphinia's dress: Eden Fairies Delphinium by Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet (comes with hat, socks and shoes)
Skin: Elf in Holly 2 Sundust Light with Freckles by Gala Phoenix of Curio
Hair: Delia in Snow White by KateForster Akina of Tukinowaguma
Elf Ears: ICED elf ears with triple loops by Scarlet Chandrayaan
Location: Enchanted of Elven Realm

Fairy in a Bubble multi pose prop by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe

Long ago and far away there lived a little red flower fairy called Hibisca. She lived a long way from Delphinia's forest home in her own kind of forest, a jungle in the tropics! Hibisca was named after the beautiful bright red vibrance of the tropical Hibiscus which grew wild in her part of the world. Hibisca had always had a very confident, outspoken and playful personality, loving to show tricks while flitting through the air. She also had a very mischievous side which sometimes got her in trouble. Hibisca was one others went to when they wanted outright honesty when answering a question or giving an opinion. She also found the positive in everything, including other fairies or just living things in general. This wonderful trait made her instill confidence in those that were normally not so confident and gave them encouragement and motivation to "keep trying".

Hibisca's Dress: Eden Fairies Hibiscus by Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet (includes hat, socks and shoes)
Skin: Silkgirl Yuyan in Tan by Leena Ying of DrLife
Hair: Neve in Streaked Cranberry by Truth Hawks of Truth
Location: Enchanted of Elven Realm

"Bug the Faeries" Mushie Seat by Jade Winthorpe of FFH&G (left)

"Just a Pose" Fall Fae Shroom by Glamouramama
HPMD Globe Lamp M (butterfly) by Sasaya Kayo

One day, not long ago, Delphinia and Hibisca actually met in Elven Realm....oh, they're best friends, didn't I tell you? They visit each other all the time through a portal Delphinia found by accident in Elven Realm. One day she was prancing about near the sea and accidentally jumped inside a black pool of water right at the edge of the sea surrounded by rocks. As soon as she did, she was transported to Hibisca's world in the tropics and met her friend there. After that, they've been inseparable and with both their personalities, they offset each other and benefit each other's homeland in many wonderful ways!

HeeHee! Faery Bubble by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe

Elfin Foot Bridge with glowies and poses by Jade Winthorpe of FFH&G

The Gift pose prop by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe

Today Delphinia had a gift she wanted to give Hibisca, to show her how much she appreciated her friendship and support. She had gathered a little magic dust from each area of the forest for quite a while and had put it together into one "package" for her best friend. She told Hibisca, "With this magic dust we have the ability to portal to our other flower fairy friends in different parts of the world, and they to us, thus using each other's strengths when needed for one another." Three of the friends Delphinia was speaking of were Lily, who can bring back distant memories and forgotten emotions, Marigold, who renews life and restores vigor through the power of the sun, and Peony who helps protect and heal. Hibisca was elated and both little fairies knew they had a wonderful, new gift in more ways than one :)

There are three other flowers the Eden dresses come in: Lily, Marigold and Peony, all just as beautiful as the next

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