Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantasy Art Focus: Wistful Mactavish

And Magic Happens

"God gives us creativity, and I don't intend to waste my share of it." ... Wistful Mactavish

Wistful definitely doesn't waste her share of creativity! She uses that God given talent to produce amazingly beautiful and unique pictures for all of us to enjoy. Her stream contains some of my all time favorites from Flickr and Second Life. She specializes in pictures full of magic and fantasy, elves and fairies, and quite a few landscapes. Although Wistful tends to produce fantasy art for the most part, every single picture is very unique and special in its own right. She doesn't have a particular style like many artists, instead she has the ability to create pictures with each and every one affording a style of its own. This is what makes Wistful's artwork so interesting! I always look forward to a new picture and when I see her name coming through the Flickr stream, it's almost always chosen as an automatic favorite.

Wistful became interested in photography within Second Life after entering a contest in game and placing Second. She remembers being so elated and realized how much she loved taking pictures in the game, so that's what she started doing on a more regular basis. Wistful is not happy with the quality of her computer graphics card, thus relies on post processing of her photos. After being highly intimidated by advanced editing software in the beginning, she has finally come to a point where she's comfortable with it and continues to learn something new every picture she takes. Wistful uses a variety of settings and backgrounds for her pictures. Most all of them use an avie from within Second Life, but sometimes she uses backdrops and textures (composites) found outside of the game. She always has an idea in mind of what she wants to accomplish with each picture and persists toward this goal until it is met. She would be able to tell someone a story about every single picture she's done, as they all have meaning and a reason behind why they were done.

With great encouragement from friends, Wistful opened her own gallery in Second Life. She sells the pictures she creates and says she receives great pleasure in the fact that she can share her love of art with others. She makes enough money to pay her rent in game, but most of all, she is grateful she can do something she is very passionate about for pure enjoyment, plus, make others happy by doing it!

The Faerie's Elf

Rainbow Fairy

A Fairy Playground

Catch a Dancing Fairy


Looking for the Great Pumpkin

The Fairy Field

Drink of Magic


A Source of Magic

Autumn Wistful

Please be sure to visit Wistful's photostream:

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