Sunday, August 15, 2010

Warriors Can Be Feminine Too!

After enjoying time at the beach the other day, I ended up having to go to the snowy mountaintops not far away to head off some humans who had come to hunt old Fuzzball the bear. Fuzzball had lived in peace and perfect harmony in the mountains for years, but had earned the reputation as a mean old bear who "could" hurt someone. Yes, he could be mean, if he didn't know you or your intentions and thought you might be a threat, but he was really a kind, peaceful bear who wouldn't hurt a fly. I threw on my lovely leather armor by Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura, because I knew I might need the protection and I can always depend on this particular design. It's very pretty with several optional pieces and even came with some gorgeous, detailed boots! Not only is it feminine, beautiful and sturdy, but it's also reliable and very flexible. I can wear certain pieces for specific destinations and reasons. Other than the boots, the outfit also comes with an extra pair of pants and a modifiable shape. I also carried my bow along just in case. You just never know about those humans!

Clothes: Aelfwynn Leather Armour AUBURN set by Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura
Skin: Vixen/Mink 2 in Sundust Light by Gala Phoenix of Curio
Hair: DrLife Healthy Hair Ying by Leena Ying in Platinum
Elf Ears: *ICED* Triple Hoop Elf Ears by Scarlet Chandrayaan
Bow: Decorative Recurve Bow by Tayren Theas from the Elven Huntress group
Location: Snow Valley

Unicorn: B2K Mystic Horse White/Cheval Blanc version 2.0 by WENS Giha of B2K Design
Elk: Elk (bull) Sound and Animation by Julia Hathor of Creative Fantasy
Bear: Angry Bear Animated and Controllable by Julia Hathor of Creative Fantasy

I rode my beautiful, dependable friend, Mist, on my journey. He helps so much, especially when he uses his magic to FLYYY :D

We finally ran across Fuzzball and I warned him in my best bear slang that he needed to hide out for a while. He was not happy :/

I watched as he climbed to safety and then ran across the hunters in the meantime. I told them they would not find Fuzzball and that they needed to worry about something besides an innocent, ornery, geriatric bear.

What a day! As always, my armor held up well and is still just as comfy as when I first put it on :)

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