Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bentham Forest: Spooky and Fun!

Red eyes glowing at every turn!

Spooky, eerie, dark, scary...there are alot of words I could use to describe Lauren Bentham's haunted Bentham Forest. It's all these things, yet fun and whimsical! When you first arrive, you land in a small, wooden house with its own kind of charm. Inside is the opportunity to join the group or purchase some of the items displayed within the region. You also have the option to begin one of the quests the Forest offers. Once you get all the way through and complete the quest/quests, you receive a reward.

I think my favorite thing about the forest is the way everything glows at every turn, yet it's dark enough to achieve its goal of complete spookiness, hehe. Yes, environment designer extraordinaire Andrek Lowell has done it again! He is also the creator responsible for much of the beauty found in Chakryn Forest, which I wrote about in a past blog. The glowing effect covering the whole forest reminds me of the night scenes in Avatar's Pandora, it's truly beautiful. Not only do alot of the plants have a glowing effect (especially the mushrooms), but there are also colorful lights here and there all over the area, along with "moonbeams" filtering through the abundant trees. Another thing that glows are the bright red, evil eyes that stare at you from among the dark trees. I have not seen so many mushrooms in my life, and I don't mean just mushrooms, but MUSHROOMS of all shapes and sizes. I also found a pretty cave with brightly lit and colored crystals aglow. The entire sim was full of dead, dark trees and ruins either lying in the creek or partially standing. As I said before, the forest did have some fun and whimsical features and those include the dark trees with faces, the big mushrooms with witch faces, and many other things. Make sure you set your environment on midnight (try it on sunrise see alot of the details) and go explore this wonderful haunted forest if you haven't already, there's nothing like it in all of Second Life!

I took all the pictures within this post (except the last one) with my environment on midnight so you could see the glowing effects. Be sure to click the pictures to enlarge them.

The little, wooden house which is the landing point. Notice the red eyes underneath.

Gorgeous glowing effect surrounding the creek waters.

Mushrooms of all shapes and sized cover the sim. Notice the GIANT ones!

These are the crystals I found in the cave I explored.

Who is that with the big, pointy nose? lol

This is what the sim looks like when the environment is set to sunrise.

Lauren Bentham also owns Enchanted Wonderland Forest within Fae Fantasy Forest. I did an earlier post that showed quite a bit of this region. Here is the link: All these areas are within Bentham Isles.

Clothes: Anfaela by Kira Lavendel of MysticHope Designs

Boots: Amazon Boot in brown by Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura

Elf Ears: ICED Elf Ears with diamond piercings by Scarlet Chandrayaan

Skin: Lyla in Pale Floral by Emilia Redgrave of Redgrave

Hair: DrLife Healthy Hair in Yi-bang Platinum by Leena Ying

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