Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fantasy Art Focus: Ruriko Bracken

Sparkles, twinkles and interesting textures are a few of the many reasons I adore Ruriko Bracken's pictures. So many of them look like a real picture, a photograph, because of all the detailed editing involved. She's very good about choosing wonderful locations and backdrops for her shoots, making her pictures that much more spectacular. For example, she has taken some in Arabia in front of some beautiful Arabian architecture. There are some artists who stay with portraits and people only in their pictures, while others excel in landscapes. Well, Ruriko is exceptionally talented in both of these equally! Really quite amazing. She's just very well-rounded in every way and this shows in each and every one of her pictures. Alot of artists do pictures that are all the same style, but Ruriko varies hers quite often. For example, she has done some that portray a model in a beautiful gown in some exotic location, another that shows vintage Audrey Hepburn in all her glory, and then she might do a winged fairy with magic dust all about. She has won many contests and awards and uses her talent within her own venues. Along with taking her pictures, she also finds time to model and write in three blogs! Ruriko Bracken has definitely made her mark on Second Life photography and style!

Elfin Dream series (three above)

In Pink


Sunny Day

Bloom (I love the unicorn colt in this one!)

Audrey (I know this isn't fantasy, but I love this one!)

You can find many more of Ruriko's beautiful pictures in:

Her personal blog:

Blogs she writes in:

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