Friday, September 10, 2010

Urban Elf

Another beautiful ensemble by Kira Lavendel of MysticHope Designs was recently released. Mourning Bride comes in several colors and I purchased the pink, because I've always loved the color combination of pink and black. One of my favorite things about Kira's designs are how vividly colorful most of them are, without being gaudy of course. Plus, the fact they come in a good range of different colors to choose from. I went into the city to purchase the outfit, then I put it on and managed to get lost! I ended up in some not-so-good parts of town, but eventually found my way out after taking several pictures with the outfit. This design is so unique and feminine with its gorgeous sleeve and waist detail. These feminine touches are just the right combination with the black bodice, hat, gloves and boots. The outfit also comes with a lovely choker and ornate knife with holster. I know it's supposed to be for "mourning", but I just had to wear it now!

Clothes: Mourning Bride in Rose by Kira Lavendel of MysticHope Designs
Boots: MysticHope Boots Elvenspirit in Black by Kira Lavendel of MysticHope Designs

Skin: Lyla in Pale Floral by Emilia Redgrave of Redgrave
Elf Ears: PE Wilted Ear "Star 2" by Kioko Kumaki of Panda Express
Hair: Bella III in White Beach Blonde by mcgeeb Gupte of JolieFemme Designs

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