Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elven Forest: Simply Beautiful With A Touch of Magic

I was in search of elven clothes and as I was looking, I ran across a listing for "Elven Forest" in SL search for Places. That "Teleport" button is just too easy to use, because of course I had to click it and explore as soon as possible. When I arrived, I was on a wooden deck with several booths around me full of little stores. Up ahead, I could see beautiful, tall, lush trees lining the forest that lay beyond. Forget the fact my original intention was to shop, and also forget the fact an SL "shopaholic" was surrounded by stores...I felt drawn to the dark and mysterious forest that relentlessly invited me to enter. I walked toward the border of trees, which had a sign out front, "Elven Forest". Everything was done right, from the forest trees to the font used on the sign to the pretty quaint lighting around the entrance. Without hesitation, I began my walk into the forest and there were so many brick trails, bridges and open grassland to discover, I didn't know where to start! Right after you walk in and then go straight to the center, there's a little social area where you can do a group dance, sit on a unicorn or a mushroom, and view a beautiful pond. It took me more than once to discover little hidden areas, like a cave behind a waterfall with poseballs and a little beach area past the forest and down a small trail. The area is full of private AND social areas with poseballs in abundance, so a fun place for friends or couples' romance. The areas consist of treehouses, little pools, castles, floating lotus flowers, caves, waterfalls, beaches, a watchtower, and many many more features. There's also a few different "up in the sky" areas you must check out. It's more fun to discover everything yourself, and well worth the visit. You must know that you can't fly from place to place, you have to walk. This is done for the sake of privacy for couples and to add to the exploring experience. They do have a great teleport system when you first arrive. Right before you get to the entrance among the trees, this teleporter lists every main area in Elven Forest. It's a large region, covering 2 sims, Blossom and Jaded Wings. Also, please be forewarned, this is an M-rated area and does allow nudity.

I won't tell anymore, I will let you discover the fascinating details! Overall, Elven Forest was created with love and care, full of class, beauty and magic.

Clothes: MysticHope Anfaela Brown by Kira Lavendel of MysticHope Designs
Skin: Curio/Lovely Obsidian in Sundust light by Gala Phoenix
Hair Top Picture: Sophie in Blonde by Angelcross Skinstad of Cross
Hair Second Picture: Audrey II in Fire Red by Jolie Femme of JolieFemme Designs
Hair Bottom Pictures: Bella III in White Beach Blonde by Jolie Femme of JolieFemme Designs
Elf Ears: Judas Afterthought
Jewelry: Pearl Drop tiara by Vivienne Daguerre
Boots: Gryphon by Eclipse Lykin of ED~Eclipse Clothing and Accessories
Location: Elven Forest in Blossom, created by Voy Sands


  1. I've been there a long time ago...wondering how much things changed since I've last visited, beautiful pictures :) I especially love the one with you among the flowers!