Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Home

I have been so happy with my home this time after moving several times before. I've lived on the beach, in a snowy cabin, with my elf friends, and now, on a beautiful island called, Isle of Kellamore. I happened to run across an ad for land on the island through SL search and went to take a look. The island is owned and run by a very nice couple who have built a "central park" area in the middle of the island for anyone to enjoy. It contains wildlife, beautiful trees, plants, flowers, a quaint chapel, and more to explore. They own another island called Isle of Ballymore which is devoted to art and music.

I've always changed my decorating style over the years from rustic, to contemporary, to traditional and now I'm trying out old, medeival style and I rather like it. It goes well with the house, which is a Tudor style castle I discovered shortly after I found the island. It's built by a very talented creator named, David Avedon, who owns Old World Creations on Delight Land. It's called Wizards Keep and is only 99 prims total!! Amazing! I love anything with low prims, because I tend to use every last one! On top of being low in prims, it's unbelievably overflowing with features. You get ALOT for your money...what I call a great buy. You know how alot of homes you look at are so plain and the layout is too simple? In otherwords, just a square room with a fireplace and all wood walls and floors...maybe an upstairs with one extra room...that kind of simple. Not Wizards Keep! It was full of surprises when I looked at it. In fact, I didn't buy it the first time because I always look at several options then narrow the choices. When I went back to look at it, I found new features I hadn't noticed before. Those that stand out in my mind are the trap door in the floor of the living area and the ladder to a third bi-level upstairs. If you click on the trap door it opens and you can do whatever you want within that. Of course you have to dig the land to the size you want and that's just what I did. When you open the trap door, all you see is water. Once you step in, you fall into a magical aquarium! It's a little haven of it's own, with places to sit and watch the fish or be a mermaid if you so desire. No, if you enjoy castles and old styles, you'd love this home. You're welcome to come by for a visit anytime and I can show you around :) "Creoso, a'boramin!" This means, "Welcome to my dwelling" in Tolkien's Elven.

Home: Wizards Keep by David Avedon
Old World Creations
Location: Isle of Kellamore


  1. This sounds so magical, I absolutely love it and that trap door, is fantastic.♥

  2. Hehe, thank you Selene, and thank you for following my blog!