Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shopping Spree

I needed some new clothes in a most urgent way, so decided to do some shopping the other day. I happened upon a store that carried all varieties of elven and medeival enticements. Yes, I indulged in a few new outfits, well, I'd say about 7 or so. I tend to spend alot of time in one place until I know I'm making a good decision and getting the most for my money. I finally arrived back home with my purchases and could hardly wait to try them all on! That's what I spent the rest of my evening doing. I took my time with each outfit, looking at each one in the mirror as I did a few model spins per piece. I loved all of them, although there were a couple that were my favorite, so I know I'll end up wearing them twice as much or more than the others. Now I feel prepared to explore Elven Forest, a place I'd heard so much about. I think I'll sleep now, and do that tomorrow. Yep, shopping is hard work and tires a girl out!

Clothes: MysticHope Elvensign Blue by Kira Lavendel
Hair: Bella III in white beach blonde by Mcgeeb Gupte of Joliefemme Designs
Skin: Curio/June Geranium 2 in Sundust light by Gala Phoenix
Elf Ears: Judas Afterthought
Location: Isle of Kellamore

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