Monday, May 24, 2010

Tol Narwa Vire: Storybook Magic

Unicorn, you are the picture of purity and light
Majestic, yet gentle within my perfect sight
Unicorn, protector and healer of all the wood,
Mighty, yet gracious, you represent all that is good

After discovering Elven Forest quite by accident, I've decided I want to see what else is out there, knowing there is more than I could ever take in! Yesterday late evening I visited an area known as Elven Lands, which consist of several sims. The first, Tol Narwa Vire, was an absolutely beautiful area full of deep woods, creeks, ponds and the sea, castles and other buildings with lovely, detailed architecture. I ended up spending the entire time I was on, which was about 3 hours, in this region. This is considered a roleplaying sim with rules, but not quite as formal as the rules in some roleplaying sims I've seen. As long as you are dressed as a fantasy avatar and play this part as your regular SL character, along with following the rules of the region, it is acceptable.

Above: The lovely hollow by the creek bank with the tiny boats and glowing aquarium.
Below: Intricate and beautiful architecture abound.

Upon arrival, you feel like you've stepped into a fairy tale, as you are surrounded by mushrooms, sparkle dust, forest trees, and bubbles. Everything is green and lush, with a magical touch. Up ahead and to the right an amazing and intricately detailed structure stands among the forest trees and extends up above the treetops into a tower. There are beautiful bridges, brick pathways, gardens and other small out buildings sprinkled all over the grounds in just the right places. Creeks, coves, caves, and small ponds also add much personality and beauty to the whole picture. The creators of the area went all out with poseballs, and interactive objects. They also scattered many creatures here and there all over the grounds. As I flew over the creek to see what was along the banks and where it ended, I discovered my favorite spot in the whole region. I landed on one side of the creek surrounded by huge trees and plant life of all kinds. On the other side, I saw a breathtaking white unicorn that almost looked like it glowed in the deep, dark forest. Unicorns have always been a childhood favorite of mine. Yes, I had to swim over and visit along with taking some pictures. In a different area by the creek banks, I ran across a little cove with tiny boats floating around their own little deck. Just a tad beyond this, the tall hills rising up from the creek bank surrounded an unbelievably beautiful, lighted, natural aquarium. It was built into the hill and under a bridge above. Right here, right now, this place was so enchanting and lovely, I felt I was part of this world, part of the magic it exuded.

Above: Riding a horse among the gorgeous flora and plant life by the ocean.
Below: Playing the harp that stands elegantly in the golden tower building.

Tol Narwa Vire was the most beautiful sim in the region, but there were a couple others that were definitely noteworthy. Falln Sanctuary, FallnAngel Creations, and Falln Amusements were three other sims I visited that were connected to Tol Narwa Vire and a part of Elven Lands. One other one is Falln Sanitarium, which contains the designer's skin and hair, but I didn't get to explore here. Falln Sanctuary consists of private residences, including the castle of Falln creator Azriel Demain. The castle is left open for anyone to explore and is truly amazing. Shallow water covers the ground all the way around the entrances to the castle, which has pretty stained glass roses as windows all over the building. This area also has lovely terrain, including tall, majestic snowy mountains, placed perfectly along with the green trees and forest. FallnAngel Creations houses the creator's fashion designs, while Falln Amusements contains alot of the products you see all over the entire region. Most of this sim had an amusement park setup complete with a train, carousel, ferris wheel, swings, a haunted house and several other unique displays. Of course I had to try out all the rides, as I love amusement parks anyway. They really did a good job with the authenticity and quality of the entire park. Normally a "ride through" haunted house, the cars were broken down, so I had to walk through. Instead of creatures jumping out at every turn, there were "scary" items for sale all over the haunted house. I just found it interesting and original how the creator used the sim to display products. All three sims are definitely a must see for fantasy lovers, or anyone for that matter. This is one of those places that every time you visit, something new and enchanting is guaranteed to be discovered!

Above: Riding the carousel at Falln Amusements.
Below: Contemplating entry into the haunted house at Falln Amusements.

Clothes: ED Gryphon Bronze by Eclipse Lykin
Also had on: Elven Lore Spring by Lilah Fairey and MysticHope Xandria Red by Kira Lavendel
Hair: Dr Life Yi and Healthy Hair Qiao-wave in blonde by Leena Ying plus Cross Sophie in blonde by AngelCross Skinstad
Skin: Curio/June 2 Raccoon 2 in Sundust light by Gala Phoenix
Location: Tol Narwa Vire and Falln Amusements by Azriel Demain


  1. sounds like a magical place :) loved the poem too!

  2. It was great, I find myself going back there often :)